Handrail / Crash Rail / Bed Bumpers

Handrail / Crash Rail / Bed Bumpers

For cost conscious institutions, the ex-stock T960 Economy Series is an ideal choice. The T960 is textured over its entire surface, the inside and outside corners are moulded from polypropylene. Handrails are UL approved and meet ADA standards. These handrails provide a 37mm knuckle space. The rails are made of 2mm thick, scratch and stain resistant rigid PVC, mounted on a 2mm thick full length extruded aluminum retainer. Bed bumpers are UL approved, and utilise the strength of the T960 to provide highly functional wall protection.

Design Features

  • Controls maintenance costs
  • Built as a handrail, it also serves as a great crash rail and bed bumper.
  • Ergonomic design meets ADA regulations for comfort and safety.
  • Protects against fungus and bacteria growth.
  • Rails are provided in 3.65 metre lengths. Bed bumpers in .600 metre lengths, plus end returns.
  • Complete system includes moulded returns and outside and inside corners.
  • Installs easily.
  • Available ex-stock.

Where Used

  • Along hallways and in rooms that require a handrail suitable for pedestrian and wheelchair traffic.
  • Counters in retail stores, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, etc
  • Wherever wall protection is required to stop damage to walls from wheeled devices and beds.

System Components

Profiled extruded aluminium retainers over which the PVC covers are mounted.

Vinyl covers include the hand grip section. Textured over entire surface.

End Caps - moulded from textured polypropylene.

Outside Corners - textured polypropylene.

Inside Corners - textured polypropylene.

Conical Spacer - Molded polypropylene stand off to accommodate ADA requirements

How to Specify

Zone Wall Protection system T960 to be installed to walls as detailed.

T960 Handrail/Crashrail is traditionally installed @ 900mm above floor height.

T960 Bed Bumper is installed to fit the bed(s) in use.

Colour - Eggshell

Depth - 142 mm

Offset from wall - 37 mm

All components for T960 are supplied as a kit including:

  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Snap on cover
  • End returns
  • Wall offsets
  • Fasteners


For more information including approved fixing contractors please contact ZONE, Tel 1800 103 338 (AUS), +61 411 327 564 (Worldwide) , or email info@zoneranges.com

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